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Cynthia has always been involved with Visual Discovery in one way or another being that her husband Victor was self employed with the then small single videographer company that Victor started. Cynthia assisted Victor with deliveries of videos to clients and helped Victor keep track of the invoicing. Cynthia did this “after hours”, since she held a full time position at a dental office. In 2006 she officially made the move from her office manager position and transitioned into VDI full time to help her husband meet the growing demands of the company. It was in 2006 that she entered into this completely new field and was trained to be a legal videographer. Adding this newly acquired knowledge to her previous office manager experience, made her the perfect fit to meet the growing needs of VDI. With time and on the job experience in this new field she quickly helped VDI become more structured and thus more efficient.

Cynthia continued to contribute and work side by side with Victor to solidify Visual Discovery. In 2008 Cynthia assisted in hiring a post‐production employee, and in late 2008 helped with the decision to incorporate Visual Discovery. The added assistance of the new employee allowed Cynthia to shoot more depositions and establish herself as a legal videographer at VDI over the next three years. This helped to further strengthen the existing business relationships that VDI had throughout the San Diego area. The growth continued and in 2011 Cynthia spearheaded the move of Visual Discovery from a home office run business, to our current office space for which she helped locate, secure a lease and develop the space. Cynthia values the trust that our clients have in VDI and this mentality allows her to continue to ‘wear many hats’ within VDI to meet our client’s needs. Currently she has taken on the role of handling accounts payable/receivable along with all office managerial duties.

Cynthia’s time outside of the company is filled up with the activities of being a mother of 4. These activities include school, church, sports, and many other endless motherly duties of a modern businesswoman.