Isabel Renteria

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Billing Specialist

Isabel joined Visual Discovery in 2008 and adds to VDI’s theme of being a family run business, but her court reporting industry experience did not begin there. In 2005 Isabel worked on a document information management project on a contract basis for a court reporting company’s eDiscovery team. Isabel exceeded the client’s expectations, for which she was then offered a full time position with the company when the contract basis employment was completed. Isabel’s played an important role in helping her new court reporting employer meet and exceed their growing regional needs for their transcript production department. In this role she learned the quality control level that court reporting agencies and attorneys expect. Isabel processed thousands of original and certified copies of transcripts. This included processing exhibits, digital media, and following “per code” California processes in relation to transcripts.

In 2008 Isabel joined VDI to run the newly created post‐production and billing departments. In this role she handled digital media conversion, synching, scanning, and all aspects of billing. For the next 4 years Isabel played a pivotal role in ensuring that all Q/C processes and deadlines in both of these departments were met. In 2012 a new employee was added to the two departments that Isabel manages in order to assist her. This added help has allowed Isabel to focus exclusively in the handling of VDI’s billing department in order to meet the growth of our clients.

Isabel spends her free time enjoying it with her family in many activities that San Diego has to offer including taking her kids to the movies. You will often find Isabel’s oldest daughter volunteering at our office helping with various clerical duties.