Victor Renteria, CLVS

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Victor has been providing services to the legal community since 1996. At that time Victor started as a courier delivering documents throughout the San Diego area building and strengthening business relationships for the courier company he delivered for. To help supplement his income and fulfill his “never stop moving forward” mentality Victor simultaneously learned how to be a process server and got a taste of being his own boss. It’s through this courier and process serving stage of his career that he discovered the court reporting industry. A short time thereafter he applied and ultimately accepted a position at a national court reporting agency in San Diego. Victor wore many hats at this San Diego office, but was intrigued by the world of legal videography, and in the year 2000 began shooting depositions as his primary role with the agency. After many years of working at the court reporting agency Victor had a vision to continue to “move forward” and after many sleepless nights and consulting with his wife he decided to become an independent legal videographer.

Fast forward to this year and the “never stop moving forward” mentality that Victor lives by has enabled him to cover thousands of depositions in different countries for many court reporting agencies throughout the country. This has not come without hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to make sure he always exceeds the needs of his clients, all of this while providing individualized service tailored to each firm that entrust him with their work. During his personal time you can find Victor playing basketball or volunteering as a coach in the many sports that his children are involved in.