• Legal Videography

    At Visual Discovery, Inc., we use professional 3-chip Digital Cameras along with professionally mixed lavaliere microphones. We also utilize a portable neutral background to give the finished production an industry standard look. Our legal videography professionals are all highly trained and are committed to providing you with high-quality and dependable services.

  • Trial Presentation

    Visual Discovery, Inc. provides trial presentation services using industry-leading software and digital equipment. We can help your team present digital documents, photographs, multimedia demonstratives, synchronized deposition video and any other digital files at your trial.

  • VDI Global Deposition Services

    Visual Discovery’s team of videographers has extensive experience shooting depositions in all parts of the world.  Whether your client’s needs are to hold depositions throughout Asia (including the US embassy in Japan), Mexico, Central America, South America or Europe you can rest assure that our high standards and the locations technical needs will be taken care of.

    Let our team provide you a customized quote for your next deposition abroad by completing our Schedule Now form.

  • Video / Text Synchronization

    Video synching is a powerful tool that will enable you to quickly and accurately present key testimony. You will be able to export the database files required to meet the needs of your existing trial presentation software.

    Each DepoView DVD includes a complimentary license of DepoView software that a user can download at their convenience. With DepoView software, an attorney can view videos, create video clips for trial, search transcripts, and much more!

  • Web Video Streaming

    Visual Discovery has partnered up with the leading providers of web-based live deposition solutions. Our multiple providers of such services allow us to work in conjunction with the platform required by the parameters of the deposition being scheduled.

  • Other Services

    Video Editing
    Settlement Video / Mediation Documentary
    Focus Group / Mock Jury Videotaping with Closed Circuit Private Viewing Day-in-the Life / A.D.L. Footage
    Construction Site Video Survey / Inspection
    Videotape Conversion to or from CD/DVD
    Video-to-Text Synchronization
    DepoView® Editable Video Discs Audio Enhancement / Editing Video & Audio Cassette Duplication Equipment Rental for Trial or Deposition Equipment Installation in the Courtroom Document Scanning
    Microsoft PowerPoint® Presentations / Opening & Closing Statements